Why the name Makeba?

Makeba is a princess better known as Balqis, Balaquissa, Makeba.

This is how we used to name the Queen of Sheba, this queen of great beauty and confidence, even the greatest feared her beauty.

She was so beautiful, she loved to take care of herself, she travelled the world to find the noblest ingredients to perfect her beauty. Her beauty rituals were naturally rich and precious.

Hair care and body care had no more secrets for her. Admired for her knowledge, she is truly a source of inspiration for me.

Much more than a cosmetics brand, these are ideals we stand for.

At Makeba we believe that all women are beautiful, all men are beautiful

Regardless of their skin colour, weight, height or other factors...

Aren't the dictates of beauty there to be broken? Right ...

Let's go!

Bintou, creator of MAKEBA :

We should all be proud of who we are, as beauty is universal! Today, this sentence resounds every day in my head, unfortunately it took me a long time to understand it...

My skin has always been at the center of discussions. Both for its ebony color, and today for its radiance.However, until a while ago, I didn't accept it: my skin was complicated, damaged, rejected by some people, and especially by myself...

The road to self love has been long:How to love myself? What products should I choose or use so as not to change it for others, but to value it for myself?

I had to do a lot of research, and be inspired by women around the world, who areproud of their natural beauty.After years of trials, failures and successes, my husband supported and encouraged me to share with you my discoveries, my selfcare* "secrets", to pass them on to women and men around the world.

He has always seen the beauty of my skin. It is also through the eyes of this man that I learned how to love and take care of myself. Yesterday, I was lost, with bruised and mistreated skin.

Today, I am the founder of a selfcare* range with natural products from African women's cooperatives and organic farming: much more than quality products, these are self love products.

I am a woman with black skin, an ebony woman, a dark skin, I am a woman of the world,I am Bintou!Today, I like myself.

I love the privilege of being me! It is this feeling that I would like to share with you!Each item in the range has been designed using a technique crafted in the UK.

My products are suitable for all skin and hair types.Wherever you are in the world you have the right to natural beauty with MAKEBA

Your selfcare is our priority.